Small business marketers should use technology to get ahead of the pack

December 19, 2011 | by Infusionsoft

Small business marketing professionals need to catch the attention of holiday shoppers as efficiently and effectively as possible if they want to see sales gains during the new few weeks. Scott Steinberg, a small business expert and creator of the Business Expert's Guidebook series writes on Mashable that these sales and marketing professionals should use technology to get ahead.

Steinberg said one of the first places marketers should focus is social media because it's an inexpensive way to reach a large audience. When using a social media program, he said to remember that people need to be drawn in with interesting content or good offers. Steinberg also suggests using mobile and location-based marketing, discounts and deals via email and custom content that will encourage people to shop with a business in the future.

Marketers should also create campaigns around QR codes, which can serve as a quick, easy and tech-friendly way to share information with consumers.

"Add them to signs, print ads, business cards and brochures, and customers can quickly grab coupons, download menus on-demand or even see how your prices compare to rivals'," he said.

CNN said sales and marketing professionals using technology shouldn't be afraid to ask for help when getting started in a new technology or platform. Bob Gaines, a security expert with All Covered, said consultants or providers can help fill in the blanks for what people may not know about technology they are using.


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